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Jahan Arum Oyaz Co

Jahan Orum Oyaz Company was established in 2017 in a space with an area of more than 45 thousand square meters and a nominal annual production capacity of more than 33 million square meters of fabric.

The products of this company are more than 200 types of fabrics, including sofa fabric, curtain decor, bed service fabric, wall hangings and car covers.

Also, this company produces high-quality and diverse products by using modern machinery and technology and employing more than 1,200 skilled and creative personnel. The production of high-quality and standard products caused Ayaz Group to obtain the national standard of Iran, which is an incentive in the furniture fabric industry, within a short period of time from the beginning of its activity. Also, as the only fabric producing unit, it has been able to receive the Eco Hundred European standard from Austria for three consecutive years.


Iranian goods at the global level


More than 200 types of fabric


Products in accordance with global standards


Washable, waterproof, fireproof and...



Various and catchy designs suitable for every taste


Production of high-quality and excellent products

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